There There Jean Seberg

In celebration of Jean. A radiant heart that moves us still. The song features at the fourth annual Jean Seberg International Film Festival held in Marshalltown, Iowa in November 2014 at a symposium moderated by Jude Rawlins. With an inspired collaboration between Nancy Adams, guardian of the Jean Seberg Archives in Marshalltown, and videographer and director, Karyn Pickering, a film clip was made in conjunction with the Festival. We were deeply moved with the support shown by Jean's sister, Mary Ann, and brother, Kurt, together with her best friend, Lynda Haupert, who all allowed the use of their personal photographs and drawings. Special thanks to Tom LaVille and Moon Jean Chaplin for their contribution, as well as the IVCCD Orpheum Theater Center Collection. Royalties from sales of the song support the Jean Seberg Endowment Fund, proceeds from which provide drama scholarships and future festival funding.